So my journey begins!

Below I have uploaded some preview pictures along with a brief description of the clients special day/event!  

The link (green heading) will take you to the password protected gallery where the client will have access to the rest of their photo's. If you wish to gain access then please speak to my client who will be able to give you their password.


This was the Giant Group Corporate Christmas party which was held at Ruby Blue in Central London.

It was a fantastic evening with plenty of laughing, dancing and all round fun.

Untitled photo

Had the pleasure of shooting Molly today for the first time.

Untitled photo

Just a bit of family fun for Halloween!

Untitled photo

My first photo-shoot with the wonderful model Sammie.

Great experience and lovely day. 

Untitled photo

This was the first time I was invited to the Cyprus Wine Festival which is a yearly event held at Alexandra Palace in London.

Having an access  all areas pass was able to capture a wide range of shots from the entire event.

My photos were also published in the Greek Cypriot national paper the 'Parikiaki'.

Untitled photo

Zack and his family came over to London for the summer holidays and celebrated Zacks birthday dinostyle!

Untitled photo
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